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Family Programs

Family communications with college staff may be needed more often for students who learn differently. The Family Programs at Landmark College help direct parents to appropriate College resources, facilitate timely responses, and assist families with questions or concerns. It’s just one of the many ways Landmark differs from traditional colleges.

Got Questions? Here’s how to get in touch

We know that it can often be more helpful to speak to a live person when you have a question about student life at Landmark College. Family members of a current student can contact Family Programs at 802-387-6714 or [email protected]. We are available by telephone or email Monday through Friday, 9 a.m. to 5 p.m. ET. We look forward to working with you.

If you’re a family member or guardian of a prospective student, please contact the Admissions Office at 802-387-6718 or [email protected].

Through the Landmark Advisory Resource Council (LARC), both prospective and current families can also submit questions to be answered by current and former Landmark College families via the Ask a Landmark Family form below.

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Ask a Landmark Family

Through the Landmark Advisory Resource Council (LARC), both prospective and current families can submit questions to be answered by current and former Landmark College families. Use the form below to send your questions.

What Parents Did Right

Hear what Landmark College students have to say about what their families did right:

FAQ about Student Life

  • You should have your student contact their Resident Dean (RD). You may also contact the RD to give them a “heads up,” though they will want to work with your student directly. Since students may never have lived outside their immediate family environments—and since they will be under tremendous pressure to adjust to college life—this is not uncommon. We work very hard to match students with compatible roommates using the information students provide. If there is conflict in spite of this, the Resident Dean will facilitate a discussion between the students about the issues and concerns. Only if absolutely necessary will we attempt to reassign rooms.

  • c/o Landmark College

    19 River Road South
    Putney, VT 05346

    For packages use:

    Landmark College
    19 River Road South
    Putney, VT 05346

    When a package arrives, your student will receive an email from the Business Office (located in the Administration Building). Students can go there, sign for it, and pick up their package.

    More on Student Mail

  • Students who purchased their laptop through the college should take it to the IT Department Help Desk that is located on the 2nd floor of the Library. They can be reached by calling 802-387-6800 or emailing [email protected]. Students who did not purchase their laptop through the college and are having hardware issues will need to have it serviced off-campus. There are numerous computer repair facilities locally. The IT Department can help students locate these resources.

    More on Information Technology Services

  • Occasionally, students do have permission to live off-campus. The vast majority of our students live on-campus, though. Students interested in living off-campus should contact the Director of Residential Life to find out about this option.

    More on Residential Life

  • If a student is ill, he/she should go to the Student Health Center on the 2nd floor of the Strauch Family Student Center. If the illness occurs after normal Health Center hours, Brattleboro Primary Care, an internal medicine group, provides medical coverage when Health Services is closed. A physician is on call 24/7. If possible, students who are ill should notify their professors that they will be absent prior to the start of class.

    More on Health Services

  • A limited amount of storage is available for students who are returning to the Putney campus the next semester. Students who do not have a room change between the Fall and Spring semesters are allowed to keep their belongings in their current rooms. Specific written guidelines are available from the Office of Residential Life. They can be reached by calling 802-387-6714.

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  • Single rooms are generally not available to first-year students. The College has a limited number of single rooms that are assigned on a seniority basis. Students who would eventually like to have a single room are advised to put in applications early (and be patient). Students should ask their RD for an application.

    More on Residence Halls

  • Generally, no. Except in the case of certain life-threatening situations, the choice of whether or not to go to counseling is entirely up to the student. Parents who are concerned about their students or wish to consult with a counselor about how to discuss that concern or the option of counseling may contact Counseling Services by calling 802-387-1636.

    More on Counseling Services

  • There is no pharmacy in Putney, Vermont. Prescription medications can be accessed through local pharmacies in neighboring towns, shipped to the student from a home pharmacy, or calling prescriptions in to CVS Pharmacy on West Street in Keene, NH. Landmark College offers a free service to pick your student's prescription on Tuesdays and Thursdays during normal working hours. All you have to do is fill out a request to prescription pick-up form so the driver knows the prescription is ready. Start planning months ahead if you take prescription medications. See Transition of Medical and Mental Health Care to Landmark College.

    There are three different approaches for students to manage their prescription medications while on campus:

    1. Continue working with the prescribing clinician at home
      • Preferred when you have an established, positive relationship with your prescribing clinician.
      • Preferred when insurance benefits limit provider choice and/or out-of-state provider access.
      • Requires planning ahead for appointment to coincide with visits home or ability to use telehealth technologies.
      • Requires making arrangements to have prescriptions filled at home pharmacies and then shipped.
      • Prescribers are able to use Hotel Pharmacy services with delivery to student on campus or prescribe to other local pharmacies.
      • Families with Medicaid plans will have difficulty accessing medical or pharmacy care outside of their home state, though, students may access care in Health Services.
      • Requires understanding your clinician’s availability in case you have to report concerns or problems-or secure a refill prescription.
    2. Establish a relationship with prescribers at Landmark College through Health and Counseling Services whose care is covered under the tuition fee. Clinicians in Health Services are able to refill prescriptions for students who are stable on their regimen including controlled substances. Consulting psychiatrists are available on-campus for evaluation and on-going care in a fee-for-service arrangement.
      • Preferred if you are unable to continue working with a home clinician for prescriptions when away at school.
      • Preferred for students who need face-to-face consultation and assessment.
      • Provides accessible care right on campus.
      • Requires the student establish a relationship with a Health and Counseling Services medical clinician and a counselor to receive psychiatric medications.
      • Allows Health Services clinician collaboration with home prescribers.
      • Requires registration with Hotel Pharmacy or another local pharmacy to deliver medications to campus. Students are able to use other local pharmacies if they have transportation.
    3. Establish a relationship with a prescribing clinician in the Landmark College area.
      • Preferred when your current prescribing clinician cannot continue with medication management
      • Preferred if you do not want to work with clinicians within Health and Counseling Services
      • Preferred when you cannot get the support mechanisms in place to have prescriptions filled at home.
      • Requires planning and scheduling as well as transportation by the student or local cab company.
      • Requires verification that both the prescriber and pharmacy services are covered by your insurance, especially if you have a Medicaid insurance plan.

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  • No. Students keep their medications and are responsible for taking them as directed by their physician.

  • The residence halls are closed during most extended breaks to give us time to spruce things up and to give our staff a break too. A small number of students can be housed during the Thanksgiving and Spring break only. Students will be provided with application information during the second month of classes. The residence halls will remain open during 3- and 4-day weekends.

    More on College Breaks

  • There is service from most national carriers; however, the College is in a somewhat mountainous and rural area. Many people here do well with Verizon, U.S. Cellular, AT&T and Sprint.

  • The closest airport is Bradley International Airport in Windsor Locks, Connecticut. This is just north of Hartford, Connecticut. The Amtrak train and Greyhound bus stations are located in Brattleboro, Vermont.

    Landmark College offers shuttle services during the semester and at breaks. There is a fee for shuttle service to Bradley International Airport. For a fee, we also offer shuttle services to Penn Station/Moynihan Hall, Logan International Airport, and Springfield, MA Amtrak station. Due to the range of departure times and airport selection, we cannot always accommodate everyone. Reservations are required. Students may also use a commercial shuttle service.

    More on Shuttle Services

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