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Transition at College (TaC)

Confidence   •   Time   •   Maturity

A unique PG/Gap track for high school graduates.


Discover the Thrill of Learning Differently

Transition at College (TaC) is designed for students who need to develop their executive function skills. It is ideal for students whose primary diagnosis is ADHD, and who are unsure if college is the right choice for them or want a slower transition from high school into the college experience.

Similar to a Gap or Post Grad option, TaC is a track that provides resources and opportunities to explore academic, social, and professional interests while assessing strengths and weaknesses.

Students are admitted to the Associate of Arts in Liberal Studies and may choose the TaC track where they take a reduced credit load within a structured academic and residential environment. TaC provides them with time to participate in on campus work experiences, developmental classes, skill building workshops, and field trips. TaC is designed to help students assess their academic, social, and professional skills, and develop a plan for the future.

  1. Take extra time to transition from high school to full-time college study.

  2. Develop self-determination, identity, confidence, maturity and purpose.

  3. Strengthen your social competencies, autonomy, and interpersonal relationships.

  4. Experience living away—develop time management and prioritization in a supportive living environment.

  5. Earn up to 18 college credits while also taking developmental courses for skills strengthening and academic preparedness.

  6. Learn in a highly structured and supportive academic environment.

  7. Build upon your academic transcript and explore degree, career and experiential options.

  8. Understand your learning difference and learn how to maximize your ability to learn.

  9. Participate in clubs and athletics as part of a vibrant college community where your neurodiversity is welcomed and embraced.

  10. Improve your study and executive function skill set.

Cost of TaC

In addition to our comprehensive cost of attendance (tuition, room, board & fees), there is an additional program cost of $7,500 for a year of TaC. Spring enrolling students in the TaC program pay an half-year program cost of $4,000. Financial aid is available for those who qualify.

Visit & Apply!

To apply for admission to TaC, visit  and indicate your interest in TaC. Space in the program is limited.

How it works

  • Earn college credits

  • Early Orientation and onboarding

  • Residential advising, mentoring and coaching

  • Enhanced programming for families

  • Team meetings every 5 weeks

  • Weekend experiential activities

  • Life 101 co-curricular development

  • Wellness integration programming


Students work with their TaC Advisor to determine interests, strengths, and challenges. They enroll in 9 credits dependent Upon placement:

  • EDU1011 Perspectives in Learning or EDU0911 Reading and Study Skills
  • WRT1011 Composition and Rhetoric or WRT0911 Practical Writing
  • COM1011 Introduction to Communication


By the end of the first semester, students choose to:

  • Get on track to complete an Associate degree at Landmark College.
  • Get on track to choose a major and complete a Bachelor's degree at Landmark College.
  • Make a plan to transfer to a different college and focus on developing skills.
  • Develop an employment plan and focus on strengthening skills and resume.


Students live with their cohort within the greater population of a traditional first-year residence hall. Support in addition to Residential Life Staff is provided by a director and live-in program mentor.


Each week, students will participate in a number of group and individual mentoring and planning meetings with the director and mentor. Experiential and instructional programming activities will focus on life-skills and development of independence. Students, families, and program staff hold team meetings every 5 weeks to discuss progress towards goals.

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