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Faculty & Staff Directory

Kimberly Aaronson Adjunct History Instructor Core Education
Sharie Adamson LC Online Adjunct LC Online
Isaac Alam Assistant Director of Social Coaching/Assistant Men's Basketball Coach Athletics, Fitness & Recreation / Student Affairs
Isaac Alam headshot
Peg Alden Professor of Anthropology; Program Coordinator for B.A. in Liberal Studies Liberal Studies
Peg Alden headshot
Sherry Aldrich Database Management Director Institutional Advancement
Sherry Aldrich headshot
Brandy Alley Academic Support Staff Academic Support Services
Justin Allison LC Online Adjunct LC Online
Justin Allison headshot
Regina Amidon Event and Recruitment Coordinator Admissions
Regina Amidon headshot
Scott Ansevin-Allen Dean of Campus Life and Director of Residential Life Residential Life / Student Affairs
Yasmin Aragona Resident Dean Residential Life
Yasmin Aragona headshot
Stefanie Argus Assistant Professor of Education Core Education
Stefanie Argus headshot
Chris Arieta Special Assistant to the Director of Admissions Admissions
Chris Arieta headshot
Lynn Arnold Academic Program Assessment and Effectiveness Coordinator Academic Affairs
Lynn Arnold headshot
Josh Ascani Director of Athletics, Fitness and Recreation Athletics, Fitness & Recreation
Josh Ascani headshot
Karina Assiter Associate Professor Computer Science / STEM
Karina Assiter headshot
Jenna Athanasopoulos Academic Advisor Core Advising
Jenna Athanasopoulos headshot
Susan Austin Professor of English Liberal Studies
Susan Austin headshot
Jonathan "Tyler" Baker Assistant Professor of Humanities Liberal Studies
Tyler Baker headshot
Kristie Baldwin-DeCew Assistant Professor of Education Core Education
Manju Banerjee Landmark College LD and Neurodiversity Ambassador-at-Large Landmark College Institute for Research & Training (LCIRT)
Manju Banerjee headshot
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